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Can Women Have It All?

Lean In D.C. held its first event of 2019 focused on whether or not women can really have it all.

If we learned anything from our panel, it’s that success and having it all looks different for each person. It’s important to define what that means to you and then figure out how to achieve that goal. We also discussed the biases around work-life balance for both married and single women and the role that social media contributes in making you question your reality. And as our panelists noted, having a personal or professional support system that allows women (and men!) to redefine their goals and achieve balance is key! Lean In D.C. will continue to work on having these tough conversations and supporting our members in becoming successful. Do you have ideas on how to do that or how you provide encouragement to friends and colleagues? Share with us on Facebook.


Many thanks to our moderator Kristen Crockett, and our panelists Dina Epstein, Reuben Jacobson, Denise Robinson, and Simona Wright for leaving us with these gems:

“[Sometimes] the people who have it all, in one way or another, have made tremendous sacrifices. Do you want it all? What are you willing to give up?”

“Are you navigating spaces in the right way [to serve your needs]? Define what all looks like to you and figure out your strategy.” “Building up your relationships is so important. It really does take a village to lead a life.”

Thanks to all those who attended the event, asked the tough questions, and participated in our mini Circles break out!

Lean In D.C. is pleased to be part of your village!

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