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Committing to Racial Justice and Equality

Black Lives Matter. Period. We will not be silent in the face of injustice. The events of the last week (and beyond) have been heavy - the unjust murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, the blatant racism in Central Park, and the immense pain and trauma this has caused for our community, have left us at a crossroads. We will not stand for the violence and police brutality against Black Americans. We cannot and will not be silent about racism in America. The bias, discrimination, and violence experienced by black individuals in the U.S. – and the deep roots of racism that drive those experiences – is a problem that has existed for too long without challenge and an explicit commitment to change. Enough is enough. As a group focused on uplifting the stories, experiences, and careers of women from all backgrounds, it is our responsibility to engage in the important, and often uncomfortable work, of uprooting racism and inequity from our own words, actions, ideas, and behaviors. We are committed to doing the work required to make D.C. and the nation a place that values and respects all, starting with our own organization. We will continue to hold events that highlight the unique perspectives of Black and other women of color, support women owned businesses, and make Lean In D.C. a place inclusive of all women. Today, we call on our network to think about what you can do right now to take action. What can you do in your job, in your community, and with your family and friends to influence change and dismantle the system of structural racism in your daily lives? This document has some resources for you to get started. We hope you will join us in this commitment. The Lean In D.C. Team Paige Sholar, Magen Wetmore, Alexa Frank, Tiffany Ingram, Pallavi Argawal, Ayanna Johnson, Audrey Kudler, Ryland Devero, and Sagia Depty

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